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Tip of the Week

Starting today and every Sunday on my blog, I will offer a "Tip of the Week." Just little reminders of what you can do to help you skin look its best. My tip for this week is wear sunscreen.

Sunscreen is readily available and in some cases, it may already be in the products you are using. SPF or sun protection factor is a guideline when determining a products ability to prevent sun damage to the skin. Several makeup brands offer products with SPF already included. Many foundations now include SPF and range anywhere from SPF 9 to SPF 50, depending on the brand.

I am a prime example of what happens to your skin when you don't wear sunscreen. Age spots, wrinkles, etc. Years of sunning myself with baby oil was probably not the best option and my skin is now paying the price.

So, if you are going out today, don't forget your sunscreen.